O-Shot® for Women - South Florida

O-Shot® for Women - South Florida
Are you looking for an O-Shot® Urologist for Women?
The Amazing Benefits of the O-Shot® : A woman can use her own blood to improve her sexual function.
As women age, certain physiologic changes are inevitable. As estrogen decreases in the body , most women  will report vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, or a lowered sexual desire.
The O-Shot® technology (commonly referred to as an Orgasm Shot has  the potential to become a revolutionary treatment in the management of female aging disorders, including urinary incontinence.

What is in the O-Shot®?
This orgasm therapy ( O-shot )  treatment uses PRP (platelet-rich plasma) harnessed from the patient’s own blood. PRP has been widely successful in treating a range of age-related disorders from orthopedic joint problems to hair loss. In the case of the O- Shot , the pure PRP which is prepared from your own blood is injected into the vagina and clitoris tissues while the patient is under local anesthesia in the office. The procedure is quite is simple and painless.
The treatment uses platelets extracted  from your own blood .The platelets attract growth factors in your body to heal damaged tissues and nerves. This medically proven technology enhances the ability for the  tissues of the genitalia ( including the clitoris ) to rejuvenate ( make them young again ), thus contributing to a better orgasm, sexual pleasure and lubrification..

How the O-Shot® Treatment is Performed
During the  session, a small amount of your own whole blood is drawn by venipuncture. Using a special high performance  FDA approved centrifuge and centrifugation process , the blood is processed via spinning allowing us to extract the PRP , free from red blood cells , which contains more than 6 times the normal concentration of platelets found in whole blood.

Moving into the main portion of the treatment, the clinician will numb the vaginal and clitoral region (numbing cream and local anesthesia) and inject a certain volume  (1 ml) of the spun PRP into your clitoral glans ( head of the clitoris ) .
The remaining 5 ml  are injected under the vaginal epithelium just under the urethra. The nearly painless office procedure lasts 1 to 2 minutes . The patient may resume sexual activity the same day. This discrete procedure has no down time.
After the O-Shot many patients report enhancement in libido and sexual desire, heightened vaginal and clitoral sensitivity contributing to  stronger orgasms, decreased urinary incontinence ,improved vaginal lubrication, reduction in pain during intercourse, increased ability to experience an orgasm, enhancement of the quality of genital skin and vulva.
75-95  % of women have reported sexual function improvements from the O-Shot® 2 weeks after the treatment. The full effects of the treatment will most likely manifest after 3 months.
The beneficial effects of the treatment last between 1 to 4 years, and when it fades away, many patients opt for re-treatments.

Since this treatment focuses on injecting the patient’s own PRP  back into their body , complications, if any, are rare except for minor injection pain or bruising. Not covered by most insurance , the O-Shot  will cost approximately $1,500.
Dr Angelo Gousse, fellowship trained, is one of the few physicians who is  Board Certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery in South Florida. He also directs a Fellowship training program and clinical research in the field . He is certified by the Cellular Medicine Association( CMA)  to perform the  O-Shot procedure.
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